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On September 9th, we launched the long awaited crowdfunding campaign for our what has already been a labor of love. "Ryan Road Story" goes live on Indiegogo. Donate if you can, share the project and help us tell the story. Click the link below to sign up for the mailing list for updates on the whole campaign.

May 30th, 2020. The first ever 10 Min Film Festival will launch. We are a proud sponsor of this event with Benny B. Design and Let's Talk Now. Submit to this event through Film Freeway. Click the link below for all more info.


We have partnered up with Mad Z Productions to produce the next big horror superhero, Koko Blayze. Created by Dave Zagorski. Koko Blayze: Undead Killer tells the story of a teenage, ass kicking lady who has to go to war with the lords of the under world. This ten episode part live action, part comic book story is now currently in production. Peep the crowdfunding campaign on the "click here to see more" button below.