The Station

Director: Tyler Geis

Screenwriter: Tyler Geis

Producers: Matt Bianchi and Holly Lataille

Genre: Comedy

Eric and Steve are two best friends who are working an all day shift at their local gas station. However it is not just any day, its Eric's last shift before he leaves for the military in a few days. Eric has become the center of attention for his path in life and is getting a big going away party thrown for him in his honor. On the flip side to all this hoopla, there is his best friend Steve. Everybody views Steve as Eric's side kick and it is starting to take its toll. Steve is an outcast, mixed up and has no direction in his own life and to make matters worst... is worried about his best friend leaving him. Through all the humor the story tells, this is a story about friendship, coming of age and dealing with change in one’s life.